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Self Certificate DSC

 The following uploaded documents are genuine and valid
+ No Objection Certificate No.: NA
* TrusvSociety/Company Registration No.: GHD 1447
* Trust/Society/Company Registration Issuing Authority : RAGISTAR HARIDWAR
* Trust’Society/Company Registration Expiry Date: 12/11/2023
* Recognition Certificate No.: MANYATA/BE/RTV/887/91
* Recognition Issuing Authority : STATE GOVT UTTRAKHAND
* Recognition Expiry Date: 31/03/2022
* Fire Safety Certificate No.: NO-10/CFO-H/2021
ma Fire Safety Certificate issuing Authority : CFO HARIDWAR UTTRAKHAND
* Fire Safety Certificate Expiry Date: 02/06/2022
* Building Safety Certificate No.: 1505/13C
* Building Satety Certificate Issuing Authority : ADHISHAS! ABHIYANTA HARIDWAR
* Building Safety Certificate Expiry Date: 01/06/2047
* Land Certificate No: MEMO
* Land Certificate Issuing Authority: Registrar
* Land Certificate is in name of School/Society/TrusCompany duly signed by authorized signatory
2. | That mandatory disclosure has been displayed on the school's website and it's link has been filed in the Part Aoof the application
3. | That as per norms sufficient numbers of rooms and wall equipped Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry Biology are for available for senior secondary classes.
4, | That we have uploaded/submitted all the self-attested documents’ information on the School's Web-Portal and link in the application and the same are true and genuine.
5. | Submission of wrong system Generated DEO Certificate / Self-undertaking Certificate or deliberate misrepresentation or fraud may result in summarily rejection of Application. cote!
6. | Submission of fraudulent/deliberate misrepresentation/fraud undertaking with intent to obtain affiliation or wrongful means may also lead to penal action against Principal, Manager and authorized signatory of